Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Our latest venture, a Mural painting company in Dubai :)
lets see comes of it.
The website is
comprises of
Indrani Bose
Papia Hajra sah
Design & Visualization

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We are a group of artists and designers specialising in murals, i.e. paintings for your rooms, usually on walls.Whatever your needs we will come across with ideas and solutions to fit your budget. Be it your child's room or your sitting area or an outdoor wall that you would want in a catchy theme, we assure you that we will give you boutique concepts that will only be for your home.Our projects are in various areas e.g.. Children's Rooms, Sitting Room murals, Concept Murals, Graffiti Murals etc.

We usually come in and have a discussion and decide on themes that suit your personality and enhance your home. Each individual is different and we encourage each one to project their own personas, after all your home or space is an extension of you.


Anonymous said...

Just curious, how many things have you tried in life?
And how many have you been successful with?

ViperJazz said...

:), probably a few, have enjoyed some have not enjoyed some, very successful with a few and a total disaster at most!