Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I am so glad i have such few regrets in my life for all the fuck ups!! I sleep a contended person. Thanks! for whoever is watching over me..Please continue the good work, i just feel sometimes we forget to remember when we are having a peaceful life and write only when we are in the pits. Wanted to change that. Truly, there is very little more i want in life. That's status quo, boring but that's how it is and I am happy with what i've got and i KNOW it can get bad, maybe that's why I am YET!
I am happy i have enough to share and to do things i want to do
I am happy for a lovable child, a wonderful husband, a strong family and friends who I do miss and have things to share with and know they are truly with me in thick and thin
I am happy that I can make small differences in lives and things and manage to achieve some part of it
I am happy I am at peace no matter how hard people might find it to relate!
I am happy cooking
I am happy I have time to do things i really want to do
I love the fact that my work is fulfilling and does not feel like work
I am happy I get to travel so much
I love my home
I have a great maid
I am happy I am passionate and that drives me to achieve more than what I think I am capable of sometimes, however small they might seem to some, but it gives me kicks
I am happy I have a moment to stop and appreciate the small things in life
I am happy I am growing as a person in many spheres
And I am most happy that there are so many things I don't know and I am so glad I get the opportunity to it physical, mental, emotional ....
Thank You ~

Thursday, September 17, 2009

goldmine hare krisna Recipes ;-)
also found this one ! this lady is unreal but fantastic stuff

Friday, August 28, 2009

Adoptive Mom? what the hell is that !@#

Adoptive Mom?
I am Mom.
I need no other label or prefix.
-Joanne Greco
I love the way some people can put words to somethings ones been trying to explain...even to oneself!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where are you really from ?..... AGAIN ! @#$$$

It is tiring to conform to the stereotype, Indians are subjected to, here in Malaysia Apparently all Indians are Tamil, stuck in time line 1930s and dress up in lungis. If you are anything else, you must be either an Indian who is a citizen of west or a mixed breed! Grrrrrrr...

Just look at those newspapers and talk to the regular guy on the street, they have no clue beyond their nose about India. They are ill informed and moreover find it beneath themselves to get informed either. Oh no... we only ape the West, good for you! So the tedious task of tolerating rubbish becomes part and parcel of an Expat Indian' life. Not to say this shit was not there in DXB or the US but it everywhere, only here the Malays actually come right up to your face and ask, thinking their curiosity could be looked at as, interest. The Malay Indian on the other hand is a totally different ball game ( I am generalising ) I have met exceptions.
  • Some don't like being Indian and Some don't know what its like to be an Indian
  • They are not accepted as Malays
uh oh! Dhobi ka ...
What if we ( Indians ) say, we don't accept them as same either ??!! ooooh !!!!double trouble :) Where does that leave them?
Okay I am getting really petty now, just that i have had a particularly tiresome conversation with a Malay today.

Even more tiresome is telling people that even though my husband is fair and I am dark, we both really belong to different parts of India. No he is not a foreigner because he is fair and I am DEFINITELY not MALAYU because I am dark, for the hundredth time. If anyone assumes ,I am, one more time, I will KILL them.
  • I do not speak Tamil
  • I do not perform strange ceremonies that pass of as "Hindu" here
  • Moreover I don't oil my hair , wear fluorescent colors and look like a tube light
  • Just because I have a semblance of reasonable dress , speak reasonable Hindi and English, choose to live in a nice house, I am continuously subjected to ...
  • Oh! you are Indian! ( Duh! )
  • She must be the maid... ( what else? you limited piece of sh@t! )
  • Oh! you speak English!!!! ( "Mainu Punjabi which gaali dene bhi aandi hai, tussi sunogey? " )
  • Your husband is white why is your daughter black? ( a. its none of your business b. ever heard of harry belafonte? one of his songs goes like this "I was treating a girl independently, she was making baby for me, when de baby born i went to see, Eyes was blue, it was not by me ...that's right the woman is uh smarter...)
  • But you don't speak Tamil? how come? BECAUSE I AM NOT TAMIL, I AM BENGALI, there are 28 states in India ... did you ever go to a school and pass your geography?
  • You mean you actually eat things in India. other than idlis and dosas?? You bet!
  • But you're "Modern"! - I apologise and rest my case ...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Catching up

Almost 2 months now that we'll have arrived in KL. the maid saga got over as we had to pay up in Dhaka and the much needed respite in the form of Naseema arrived! Paheli is taking her time getting used to her which was expected so i still am very much needed around, as when i am at home she won't got o anyone else!. It still is a huge relief to have someone around full time to help. Naseema seems preoccupied and is slow on the uptake now a days, maybe coz she is missing home or simply taking some time to get used to the surroundings, whatever be the case i hope it sorts out soon.

B is headed for China in a week and it will start getting lonelier than it is as of now, on the other hand one needs time on hand to feel lonely and with Paheli, there is an added dimension which changes things a lot , so i don't think we get as much time as we had expected. Its good as of now.

The trip to Bali was nice the first few days in Padang Bai. Nusa Dua is too touristy and expensive for my like. Paheli also got ill as soon as we reached so that put a bit of a damper but i was more worried if she had caught the dreaded flu! As that want the case i have to admit being roomed up in Ayodhya hotel wasn't too bad apart from the horrendous bills!!!
making friends here is turning out to be tougher than i thought, i guess like a typical metro, people are involved dealing with their own so much its hard to make time, we'll get there, coming by friends is always hard.

The house is settled but there is always this and that. I have to get back to work, starting by updating and having my site online which it hasn't been in a while and contacting Herga's bro for contracts, lets see, one thing at a time.

Been reading up a lot on Cambodia since the shipping agent in DXB told me about it. I am glad we are in south Asia and had not travelled here much other than Thailand. Being here now gives us a chance to update and get to know it better. The fact that is that being in Asia one tends to look up a lot more local news and more curious to find out about whats going on. I used to keep hearing about north Korea but only here have i actually dug a bit deeper to find out whats actually going on there. At least its a more balanced opinion when you see multiple news channels instead of the good old BBC. Korea seems to be in a total mess, one doesn't know which way one' favour should lean???!! will take more in depth knowledge.

Cambodia on the other hand seems more and more interesting on reading about the Khmer kingdom and what has happened since.

So much for now more later.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Black and White and some in between like me ...

I've been thinking about this for a while and having been an Indian expat in a few countries i faced a fair bit of racist prejudices myself, so here it goes .... I wonder about somethings ...

When it comes to holidays people move to Asia / Subcontinent ..where
  • Their money gets them more
  • People are apparently more hospitable & friendly
  • Culturally its enlightening
  • They get "privileges" as foreigners
  • They like the "food"
  • They find it "interesting"
  • They find it "educative"
  • They find the history engrossing
  • They talk about our contributions to society

on the other hand these countries only see us as cheap labour that does sub standard work...

  • They think they pay us too much
  • They are threatened we will take their jobs and for good measure we deserve to.. be it that we work cheap ( you get what you pay for, pay peanuts and you will get monkeys ) or be it that we are actually qualified better than them to deliver in a lot of cases
  • They resent that we will take over their country with immigration, because some search for a better standard of living
  • Their movies make fun of a small call center industry we host and their ignorant people think we are limited to being India, Pakistan, Afganistan, Iraq, Indonesia, Cambodia, etc etc to be all one country really and we morons actually go make stereotype megashit movies, like Indiana Jones and Transformers, block busters!
  • They make money and hype out of Slumdog Millionaire and discuss our poverty over Cognacs. Apart from the fact that it does amaze me how people actually make bucks selling our misery, how disgusting is that? If it was a documentary i could buy it but for heaven' sake the movie was a masala formula well exceuted, a lot of movies have done this better maybe?
  • They travel on safaris in Africa yet do very little other than changing channels when programs on gross human right violation news on countries like Burma, Korea and Africa come on
  • That a lot of expats couldn't survive if cheap maids were not possible from Asian countries ( hardship allowance my fu@#ing Foot !)

Sometimes i wonder how hypocritical these guys are and then when i look back at my own roots and the divides, I know, we are the greatest hypocrites of all, as we allow this situation to fuel by being the most racist of all. We kiss their backside and kick down our own people ... huh? This world just makes no sense at all and some people should just evaporate...
On that note ... Shalom!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

What is it with passports and us??

It's confirmed, it can't be that much of a coincidence. Our fate with passport fiascoes are well known in the circles but extending it to the maid who is going to join us is a bit much , don't you think ??
I was pleased as a punch That Naseema was arriving on Friday, i even cleaned her bathroom and went and arranged toiletries for her and THEN the fated call came though.The visas got through and she had her boarding pass and i thought we were set, so happily we bought and confirmed our Bali vacation.
It seems she did not have a the stamp reqd by BD immigration officials and they kept her passport, Air asia refused to compensate, so now we are down tickets, no maid, Paheli being a royal pain and oh i could rant for ever!!!! ....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
My slipped disc is giving me nightmares, 2 tranquilizers and a massage down and still no respite in sight, i wish i was younger, healthier and stronger and that days had 48 hrs to finish things in instead of 24.:
Im not looking forward to tommorrow and i wish i could get some more sleep :(
you think?

Friday, July 31, 2009

Settling in KL & some things that just struck me as awesome :)

Really have not had time to post at all, last few months have been absolutely crazy with the move and Paheli, 2 huge changes one after the other!
But both happy and good. was getting tired of living out of suitcases!
The house is all settled in KL now, I am happy with it, always wanted a home like this :). Sometimes B and i think if we ever saw our lives shaping up like this? NO... but are glad for it. We just wish we had more to share with.
Still getting used to things in KL. Some good some bad. To me it just seems like a richer India as far as the red tape, corruption and slowness goes :), but frankly there are some things that are far better back home. Things happen faster in India now a days, for instance getting a phone or Internet connection!Here its like rocket science :).
But the groceries are great and affordable, its pretty international though we haven't made any friends really, really easy to get house help and home services but the security is bad, so on and so forth.
So far we've been chilling in the evenings, Paheli hasn't let the loneliness set in at all, in fact the day starts at 8 after she is asleep!
Naseema is due to join us tonight, I am really looking forward to her helping me out, i need to get back to work, even if its only for my sanity!
Some things i was thinking about as brilliant, thought I'd jot them down and maybe I'll find it silly after 10 yrs! :)
  • I think the Internet is brilliant! it makes so much possible right from home including my living
  • baby monitors and baby cot combinations are so cool when you're a mum without any help, HOW ON EARTH did my mum survive without one???
  • Dishwashers are a life saver!
  • Digital Cameras, so convenient, its almost a whole new communication tool.
  • online Forums, thank god for all the helpful information
  • Online shopping, new ways to spend more :)
  • Online Travel planning tools, ticketing, searches, reviews, wow! who could have thought you could have searched for a place, seen what its like, read up what others have to say, find deals on tickets, hotel, check google earth and just go, without ever needing a map, a travel agent or paper tickets and cash ?!!
Am i the only one amazed? maybe so, but i am and thrilled about it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Been a long time since i rock and rolled :)...been a long lonely lonely...

Just remembered Led Zeppelin. Funny isnt it? was thinking wht i should title when im blogging almost 5 months down the line. But the song gets its apt. Boy has life changed!! thats an understatement.
Im a mommy and with it comes a lifestyle relocation!
But honestly havent this felt as happy ever either, other than getting married.
Its been this whole learning curve everyday.
Paheli is a joy and a headacahe and im sure most parents feel that way, but amidst all this , she is, will be and always will remain the most special in my life.
Its that one that i have most prayed and worked in earnest for with a lot on stake, the only thing im sure of is no regrets. Its quite something else to nurture a life, a child gives you that special chance and she will always have the cfedit for the beaming smile i get in the morning, god i love her :), need i say more?
At times in the last few months i have felt probably the most frustrated with the society and systems and also the most weak and hopeless but i knew i was fighting for my child, what is right and in the end all is well that ends well.
Life has started a new dimesion, some good some bad, but all in all its a road to walk and with it will come discoveries, whatever lies in store is upto us to find out. Lets get on with it :).
We are relocating to Malaysia and im looking forward to it, there is awfully little i will miss about Dubai, except that i learnt a lot, mostly the hard way, we also got a much better lifestyle but these things come and go..KL here we come. For now, me and my lil family are together, growing and happy, the rest will fall into place in its own good time and i can wait.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

New blog added

been busy blogging on this one. so no i have'nt vanished!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Melancholic Diwali

This year has been a lot of "first times" for us. Some sad, some happy.
But i am missing B so much on Diwali, especially as it is so special, this time it's Paheli' first Diwali as well :(..i am missing B :(, missing my home , missing my doggies :(. Sniff sniff.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dehradun Trip - The other side of the story...

I was so hurt and annoyed with my MILs last conversation with me on the phone that I was dead against going to Dehradun. The only reason B managed to coax me to visit Dehradun was that he would speak to his mum about what she said to me and also i thought he would find it impossible to travel with Paheli without me as she wasn’t familiar with him and he wanted to make this trip for Dad. He did talk to her as always but to no serious outcome, she still is so arrogant that she would not bring it up with me or even try to reconcile as to what she said was wrong. Apparently she is "scared" of talking to me. Interesting that before she dished out the filmy stuff on the phone to me, when I was least expecting it and down in the dumps or when B wasn’t home, she did not feel so scared, Such a bunch of rubbish!!! She really expected me to buy that??? Does she think I am an idiot?

B has been very upset since the Dehradun incident but I think he understands where it comes from. No complains from that end. He feels bad because of the timing. Every time something nice happens for us 2, she is there to mess it royally! What irritates me is that no one, not even Dad ever even bothered to ask me my end of it. Shows they don’t care and I need to know that they do, otherwise what’s the point of doing what i do. And respect is another. I felt really let down by daddy this time, i mean really, he never even asked before judging it all against me as unreasonable behaviour and that I don’t want to keep any relationships with them, It is ironic J isn’t it?

Whatever I have done I have done from my heart and not duty and because I felt I should have done whenever the need arose. It’s just that whenever I am pissed about something the matter comes under cover because there are other things to be dealt with. I have done it long enough and can’t seem to pretend anymore unless there is an effort from the other side.

Accepting Paheli was one thing but that doesn’t say they accept me. its imp for me to have a one on one relationship, not as someone’s wife and not as someone’s mother, but as me , something I never got from the other end. The list is long,...what I am not..not, what I do and what I am. There is no appreciation for a good heart and I have nothing more to offer. Sadly I am not a lip service daughter in law. I do what I must and I think I have been there whenever needed.

Maybe my mother in law would have been happy with a village girl who looked upto her but im not one and their son chose to be happy with me. Acceptance is one thing but unless they respect me and accept me, I cannot continue. No one asked my MIL what exactly she said to me and why she said it to me other than her son, I think it was unforgivable. She always pokes me around when other aren’t listening, and most times I let it pass,, but that has made others feel, nothing ever happened, so much for being decent. Unfortunately, what I must do, I do openly, I have nothing to hide, so obviously I am the idiot and the bad person, so be it, if people are so stupid, bcoz they cannot see beyond their nose.

The things that she has said are inexcusable but yet no one will ask her. But they will gang up against me on a small detail that i was rude. I was decent with everyone else and waited for a reconciliation until i realised one was never to come.

When I did not go with them and did not eat the whole day, not a single person came up to me and asked me..what does that say? they don’t give a shit, so why should I?

I think I was within my rights to be angry, she suggested a surrogacy, that i am not trying enough, does she know what that means?, how that made me feel after I struggled for 2 yrs to conceive, and the problem is not even just at my end. I have done surgeries, extensive hormonal treatments but those obviously are not considered, I am not a baby making machine and i feel hurt enough about it, where is the human factor? I will never forget My MILs words the time when they were visiting Dubai post my surgery, one day I was in severe pain and the doc asked me to come in right away..B came home early to take me to the doc, my MIL asked him why I couldn’t go to the doc myself, if I was so smart in everything else!! I couldn’t believe she said that! I hated her then. This is the woman, I spent a month with after she returned post her surgery because B couldn’t take out the time, just so I could check how she was doing.

Every time B has goofed up and I have suffered & I am to blame, that’s shitty, nobody talked about that. Why did she not ask her son those questions, why me? when she did not even bother to speak with me for months?, when B asked them to come to Dubai all his mum said was , 'woh sirf tera ghar nahi hai" after I waited at the hospital , sleeping on a chair at the cafeteria downstairs , waiting for results and pestering B since Diwali that something was wrong with daddy, how am I to feel with that comment when I have taken an active interest in their well being whole heartedly. I don’t believe in petty issues, I think there are more imp things in life to be serious about, yet no one asked my side of it..yes I am angry and no one bothered to ask me why, still no one continues to ask me why.

when we were seeing each other, B was offered officially as a prospective hubby by Mona, yet the blame lies on me, B didn’t keep his side in the loop whereas mine were in the loop throughout, yet the blame and the angst lies on my side..why?

On my first day at my in laws in the hospital my MIL walked in and said she did not accept this marriage, how would that make you feel?

This time she crossed the line and she crossed it too far and refuses to make amends and if the rest including dad cannot support me then it’s a lost cause and I don’t have either the inclination or will to correct things. As for me, she never accepted me, they still grudge me and I don’t care anymore. If they make an effort I will reciprocate but I refuse to step back and put it behind me. A reconciliatory effort from MILs side is due and I am not budging till it happens. It’s high time she respects me for what I am and stops playing mind games with me behind people' back which she has been doing consistently and tried to continue, i am sorry Mrs. Sah, you will not mess with me anymore and if your son won’t stop you, because he loves you, I won’t come in the way, but you better not cross the line with me ever again.

I have told B,that whenever and however late they make an effort, i will reciprocate again,but this time the ball is in their court and i am not serving. Till then i am out of their life, i am not sure i ever was part of it, sadly.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Baby Paheli

On 27th August Paheli is officially our child. I really do not know what else to say other than the fact that i havent been so happy in a long time :). Paheli was adopted from India. She is 5 mnths old now, is dusky and has big eyes. She is gentle and sweet and all we could ask for her. Thanks! who ever is watching up do , do some things right :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Czech Republic & Denmark travelogues

I have created two separate blogs for travelogues for these 2 regions. you can find it on the right hand links as well as these. they all connect back to the main blog.

Czech Republic

These are still in process. So check back in some time till i manage to update these.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

No title that i can think of

Been somewhat busy today, desperately finding "nice" things to do. Read up a lot on the adoption homes, wrote to few and generally put together documents. I am so looking forward to it.
Amongst all the crap, this is one positive thing and I will channel my energy to that.

Saw horrendous photos of the floods near my IL's place, I hope things sort out soon. Dr. Advani cleared up a lot of air and gave some practical suggestions I hope Daddy feels better about that. It's so strange that now a days my brain is so deadened with all that is going on I find myself at a total loss for processing any outside information. Saurabh called today and I don't even remember what he said!!

Bhabi came today, its nice she drops in regularly, she is going to India, i figure she doesn't like it here and I don't blame her, we know exactly how she feels!

Bobpsy is feeling bad today, I can see that, the lawyers aren't doing anything, tomorrow he will go himself, we don't expect anything much and neither is he looking forward to it, there is nothing to look forward to about the situation! Stuff stinks here..crap!

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Mrs Menon called just as I was going to call her. Our Home study report was approved and is now attested. Phew!! We are on our way :)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Unfortunately, courage sometimes means you have to walk the road alone

Unfortunately, courage sometimes means you have to walk the road alone...
This was once said about a president but I have always been reminded of it time and again!

Its spooky how both the dogs are fretting around me at half past midnight. I can't sleep and they sense I am agitated :). They are my constant silent companions. Truly unquestioned companionship. It is rare that I feel so dark, it is scary, because I know where this leads, I have been there, and it is really not nice. So I decided to pen and rant to get it over with.

It is not that friends do not want to see but most are so caught up in their own struggles that they do not see what they might otherwise. Can not say I do not understand, but have to admit the callousness is upsetting.

I have forgotten the number of months even , when i could count how many bad days we have had. I can count the number of people who have even felt vaguely empathetic. It drives me mad the superficialness of it.

Things so important to us, everything is just screwing up, almost spinning out of control and here we are just watching the world go by. Yesterday at the hospital after the relief of having seen a healthy birth I was strangely sad that it is an experience we will never know. I am happy about adoption but this is something quite different. It is a bonding we will miss out on completely. Amongst the happiness I did not have the heart to show how hurt I felt. It is not fair and I did it so well, no one actually saw, and now I am angry about it, at no one in particular, just sad as hell. So many whys and no answers , things that shake your faith. My religion is to be a good human being and I follow it as well as I can, but my faith is taking a battering. Faith is to believe. To believe in positivity to come, but when you keep tripping , you wonder, are you walking the right road? Who answers these for you?

I know our problems might be petty, but they are not petty for us.

My husband is a good man and it is frustrating to see him put through the grill that he could do without. What can i do to help? Be there, is it enough?

I have always felt I am a hardy person but I feel beaten, beaten by luck, that's shit luck. But it is not in my hands..what sort of good is that?

Like I said so many questions.......

We have tried to be there for people in small ways , in big ways, but most seem so selfish, they only realise the need to be with, when they have something to share. I won't wish that they realise some day, that when they need to share that they will find themselves lonely but I know it will come and I wish it did not have to be that way and then it will be too late for us to turn around and see or care. Life makes people so sick, it's sad.

We have never wanted to be super rich, just enough to do some things we like, to provide for those who need the support and to live feeling happy about what we do, basically hit the bed with a clean heart.

We deserve to see our family healthy, happy and well provided for, but for now its out of our hands.
We would love to experience parenthood but it seems to evade.
We hope to live untainted, but we are invariably stuck.
Things which are normal, which people take for granted, which we work for, wont come to us..why?
We are sad, We are lonely and We are tired, why wont people see it? Is empathy too much to ask for? Is being there so tough? Is support so inconceivable?

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Chandana & Rajarshi have a baby girl

Yesterday basically was spent in the hospital as Chandana gave birth at 10:51 PM on June 30th to a baby girl, her name is Ratri :). Watching Chandana in so much pain was awful but I guess its all worthwhile in the end. Must be quite an experience having a baby, this is the second delivery after Rohan that I was so close to. Gives me goosies. Both of them look so happy and I am so glad everything worked out just fine, they deserve it.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

For those "first time Satya Narayan Puja

I hunted for the "Samagri *" lists and the Shinni Recipes ( Sinni, Shinny, Sinny) lists online and was really surprised not to find any! And I am sure there are many aspirants like me searching the net for those. So iI decided to put it down here just in case anyone wants or needs it.

Satya Narayan Puja Samagri List

  • Sindoor
  • 6 Paan Leaves
  • Supari 5 Pcs
  • Elaichi / Hortuki
  • Mango Leaf 5 headed
  • Kalash
  • Whole Coconut / Banana
  • Red Cloth, 1 small and 1 large piece
  • Flowers
  • 25 Tulsi leaves / Indian Basil
  • Whole rice with shell / Dhaan
  • Raisin Incense to put in fire
  • Ghee / Clarified Butter
  • Honey
  • Ganga Jal
  • Yogurt / Curd
  • Milk
  • Incense
  • Tri headed grass / Dhubbo
  • Raisins
  • Camphour
  • Black Sesame
  • Sugar
  • Puja Vessels
  • Mustard Oil
  • Lamp wicks
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Par Boiled Rice
  • 5 kinds of whole veggies
  • 5 kinds of fruit
  • Raw grated coconut
  • Whole turmeric
  • Sweets
  • Poitey / Janeu String
  • 5 kinds of gulal
  • Stool / Chowki
  • Container to light fire / baking tray with sand bottom
  • Chandan wood piece
  • Wood to burn
  • 500 grams Atta ( Wheat Flour )
  • Dry Fruits
  • 11 Bananas

Shinni ( Sinni, Shinny, Sinny) Recipe

This is usually made in Bengali SatyaNarayan Pujas. The only diffrence between how bengalis do Satyanarayn and the others do it is just this "Shinni" as the main prasad, otherwise everything else is exactly the same.The proportion is important to maintain. I Had a small gathering and hence I made the 5 banana quantity which is the minimum you make.

Ingredients -
  • 300 gms Atta / Wheat Flour
  • 300 gms Sugar / Jaggery
  • 300 ml Milk
  • Cut dry fruits to taste
  • Grated coconut to taste
  • A little cardamom seeds
  • 5 ripe bananas
Method -
  1. Start by mashing the bananas and sugar into a smooth paste with your hands in a puja vessel.
  2. Add Milk & Add Atta and consistency should be that of a cake batter
  3. Pour the remaining and mix well

What can one say !?

It's becoming a little tiring to write about one's troubles. Ever since the year started it has been constant, before one finishes the other starts. At the end of the day you're so stretched and exhausted fire fighting that one really has to look for excuses to feel a little happy. It is now becoming such a state that we are "scared" to be relaxed as we do not know what else is in store around the bend!
It is ridiculous! the way things are going.
Had been thinking of a Satya Narayan at home for a while, we did one on last Thursday. can not say I am an avid fan of rituals but as someone who can not fathom the turn of the past events, I am inclined to believe in anything that is a positive force.
Narayan, the "Preserver", please help us maintain our mental sanctity.

A good thing that worked was , the Kashmir trip got called off because of the passport problem. Its sad but I am relieved now because there is a total shut down in Srinagar for the exact days that we were to be there! The city has been under a lot of tension and we keep hearing about so many stranded tourists. Ajaz's team, was so understanding when we cancelled, it was really nice of them, i hope things look up for them soon, it must be tough to maintain a business there!
Anyways so much for now.