Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Catching up

Almost 2 months now that we'll have arrived in KL. the maid saga got over as we had to pay up in Dhaka and the much needed respite in the form of Naseema arrived! Paheli is taking her time getting used to her which was expected so i still am very much needed around, as when i am at home she won't got o anyone else!. It still is a huge relief to have someone around full time to help. Naseema seems preoccupied and is slow on the uptake now a days, maybe coz she is missing home or simply taking some time to get used to the surroundings, whatever be the case i hope it sorts out soon.

B is headed for China in a week and it will start getting lonelier than it is as of now, on the other hand one needs time on hand to feel lonely and with Paheli, there is an added dimension which changes things a lot , so i don't think we get as much time as we had expected. Its good as of now.

The trip to Bali was nice the first few days in Padang Bai. Nusa Dua is too touristy and expensive for my like. Paheli also got ill as soon as we reached so that put a bit of a damper but i was more worried if she had caught the dreaded flu! As that want the case i have to admit being roomed up in Ayodhya hotel wasn't too bad apart from the horrendous bills!!!
making friends here is turning out to be tougher than i thought, i guess like a typical metro, people are involved dealing with their own so much its hard to make time, we'll get there, coming by friends is always hard.

The house is settled but there is always this and that. I have to get back to work, starting by updating and having my site online which it hasn't been in a while and contacting Herga's bro for contracts, lets see, one thing at a time.

Been reading up a lot on Cambodia since the shipping agent in DXB told me about it. I am glad we are in south Asia and had not travelled here much other than Thailand. Being here now gives us a chance to update and get to know it better. The fact that is that being in Asia one tends to look up a lot more local news and more curious to find out about whats going on. I used to keep hearing about north Korea but only here have i actually dug a bit deeper to find out whats actually going on there. At least its a more balanced opinion when you see multiple news channels instead of the good old BBC. Korea seems to be in a total mess, one doesn't know which way one' favour should lean???!! will take more in depth knowledge.

Cambodia on the other hand seems more and more interesting on reading about the Khmer kingdom and what has happened since.

So much for now more later.

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