Monday, August 17, 2009

Black and White and some in between like me ...

I've been thinking about this for a while and having been an Indian expat in a few countries i faced a fair bit of racist prejudices myself, so here it goes .... I wonder about somethings ...

When it comes to holidays people move to Asia / Subcontinent ..where
  • Their money gets them more
  • People are apparently more hospitable & friendly
  • Culturally its enlightening
  • They get "privileges" as foreigners
  • They like the "food"
  • They find it "interesting"
  • They find it "educative"
  • They find the history engrossing
  • They talk about our contributions to society

on the other hand these countries only see us as cheap labour that does sub standard work...

  • They think they pay us too much
  • They are threatened we will take their jobs and for good measure we deserve to.. be it that we work cheap ( you get what you pay for, pay peanuts and you will get monkeys ) or be it that we are actually qualified better than them to deliver in a lot of cases
  • They resent that we will take over their country with immigration, because some search for a better standard of living
  • Their movies make fun of a small call center industry we host and their ignorant people think we are limited to being India, Pakistan, Afganistan, Iraq, Indonesia, Cambodia, etc etc to be all one country really and we morons actually go make stereotype megashit movies, like Indiana Jones and Transformers, block busters!
  • They make money and hype out of Slumdog Millionaire and discuss our poverty over Cognacs. Apart from the fact that it does amaze me how people actually make bucks selling our misery, how disgusting is that? If it was a documentary i could buy it but for heaven' sake the movie was a masala formula well exceuted, a lot of movies have done this better maybe?
  • They travel on safaris in Africa yet do very little other than changing channels when programs on gross human right violation news on countries like Burma, Korea and Africa come on
  • That a lot of expats couldn't survive if cheap maids were not possible from Asian countries ( hardship allowance my fu@#ing Foot !)

Sometimes i wonder how hypocritical these guys are and then when i look back at my own roots and the divides, I know, we are the greatest hypocrites of all, as we allow this situation to fuel by being the most racist of all. We kiss their backside and kick down our own people ... huh? This world just makes no sense at all and some people should just evaporate...
On that note ... Shalom!

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