Sunday, August 02, 2009

What is it with passports and us??

It's confirmed, it can't be that much of a coincidence. Our fate with passport fiascoes are well known in the circles but extending it to the maid who is going to join us is a bit much , don't you think ??
I was pleased as a punch That Naseema was arriving on Friday, i even cleaned her bathroom and went and arranged toiletries for her and THEN the fated call came though.The visas got through and she had her boarding pass and i thought we were set, so happily we bought and confirmed our Bali vacation.
It seems she did not have a the stamp reqd by BD immigration officials and they kept her passport, Air asia refused to compensate, so now we are down tickets, no maid, Paheli being a royal pain and oh i could rant for ever!!!! ....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
My slipped disc is giving me nightmares, 2 tranquilizers and a massage down and still no respite in sight, i wish i was younger, healthier and stronger and that days had 48 hrs to finish things in instead of 24.:
Im not looking forward to tommorrow and i wish i could get some more sleep :(
you think?

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Ed said...

Papia - We contacted you regarding some insight for obtaining adoption birth certificate for our daughter from Kolkata. We are going thru the same process in Kolkata, frustrating, so any insight will be appreciated. My wife Soma has also tried to contact you. We read your blog so thought you could help. Apologies for the emails and ways to contact but hope youc an understand having been through the same process in Kolkata.

Ed and Soma