Friday, July 31, 2009

Settling in KL & some things that just struck me as awesome :)

Really have not had time to post at all, last few months have been absolutely crazy with the move and Paheli, 2 huge changes one after the other!
But both happy and good. was getting tired of living out of suitcases!
The house is all settled in KL now, I am happy with it, always wanted a home like this :). Sometimes B and i think if we ever saw our lives shaping up like this? NO... but are glad for it. We just wish we had more to share with.
Still getting used to things in KL. Some good some bad. To me it just seems like a richer India as far as the red tape, corruption and slowness goes :), but frankly there are some things that are far better back home. Things happen faster in India now a days, for instance getting a phone or Internet connection!Here its like rocket science :).
But the groceries are great and affordable, its pretty international though we haven't made any friends really, really easy to get house help and home services but the security is bad, so on and so forth.
So far we've been chilling in the evenings, Paheli hasn't let the loneliness set in at all, in fact the day starts at 8 after she is asleep!
Naseema is due to join us tonight, I am really looking forward to her helping me out, i need to get back to work, even if its only for my sanity!
Some things i was thinking about as brilliant, thought I'd jot them down and maybe I'll find it silly after 10 yrs! :)
  • I think the Internet is brilliant! it makes so much possible right from home including my living
  • baby monitors and baby cot combinations are so cool when you're a mum without any help, HOW ON EARTH did my mum survive without one???
  • Dishwashers are a life saver!
  • Digital Cameras, so convenient, its almost a whole new communication tool.
  • online Forums, thank god for all the helpful information
  • Online shopping, new ways to spend more :)
  • Online Travel planning tools, ticketing, searches, reviews, wow! who could have thought you could have searched for a place, seen what its like, read up what others have to say, find deals on tickets, hotel, check google earth and just go, without ever needing a map, a travel agent or paper tickets and cash ?!!
Am i the only one amazed? maybe so, but i am and thrilled about it.

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