Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Been a long time since i rock and rolled :)...been a long lonely lonely...

Just remembered Led Zeppelin. Funny isnt it? was thinking wht i should title when im blogging almost 5 months down the line. But the song gets its apt. Boy has life changed!! thats an understatement.
Im a mommy and with it comes a lifestyle relocation!
But honestly havent this felt as happy ever either, other than getting married.
Its been this whole learning curve everyday.
Paheli is a joy and a headacahe and im sure most parents feel that way, but amidst all this , she is, will be and always will remain the most special in my life.
Its that one that i have most prayed and worked in earnest for with a lot on stake, the only thing im sure of is no regrets. Its quite something else to nurture a life, a child gives you that special chance and she will always have the cfedit for the beaming smile i get in the morning, god i love her :), need i say more?
At times in the last few months i have felt probably the most frustrated with the society and systems and also the most weak and hopeless but i knew i was fighting for my child, what is right and in the end all is well that ends well.
Life has started a new dimesion, some good some bad, but all in all its a road to walk and with it will come discoveries, whatever lies in store is upto us to find out. Lets get on with it :).
We are relocating to Malaysia and im looking forward to it, there is awfully little i will miss about Dubai, except that i learnt a lot, mostly the hard way, we also got a much better lifestyle but these things come and go..KL here we come. For now, me and my lil family are together, growing and happy, the rest will fall into place in its own good time and i can wait.

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