Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where are you really from ?..... AGAIN ! @#$$$

It is tiring to conform to the stereotype, Indians are subjected to, here in Malaysia Apparently all Indians are Tamil, stuck in time line 1930s and dress up in lungis. If you are anything else, you must be either an Indian who is a citizen of west or a mixed breed! Grrrrrrr...

Just look at those newspapers and talk to the regular guy on the street, they have no clue beyond their nose about India. They are ill informed and moreover find it beneath themselves to get informed either. Oh no... we only ape the West, good for you! So the tedious task of tolerating rubbish becomes part and parcel of an Expat Indian' life. Not to say this shit was not there in DXB or the US but it everywhere, only here the Malays actually come right up to your face and ask, thinking their curiosity could be looked at as, interest. The Malay Indian on the other hand is a totally different ball game ( I am generalising ) I have met exceptions.
  • Some don't like being Indian and Some don't know what its like to be an Indian
  • They are not accepted as Malays
uh oh! Dhobi ka ...
What if we ( Indians ) say, we don't accept them as same either ??!! ooooh !!!!double trouble :) Where does that leave them?
Okay I am getting really petty now, just that i have had a particularly tiresome conversation with a Malay today.

Even more tiresome is telling people that even though my husband is fair and I am dark, we both really belong to different parts of India. No he is not a foreigner because he is fair and I am DEFINITELY not MALAYU because I am dark, for the hundredth time. If anyone assumes ,I am, one more time, I will KILL them.
  • I do not speak Tamil
  • I do not perform strange ceremonies that pass of as "Hindu" here
  • Moreover I don't oil my hair , wear fluorescent colors and look like a tube light
  • Just because I have a semblance of reasonable dress , speak reasonable Hindi and English, choose to live in a nice house, I am continuously subjected to ...
  • Oh! you are Indian! ( Duh! )
  • She must be the maid... ( what else? you limited piece of sh@t! )
  • Oh! you speak English!!!! ( "Mainu Punjabi which gaali dene bhi aandi hai, tussi sunogey? " )
  • Your husband is white why is your daughter black? ( a. its none of your business b. ever heard of harry belafonte? one of his songs goes like this "I was treating a girl independently, she was making baby for me, when de baby born i went to see, Eyes was blue, it was not by me ...that's right the woman is uh smarter...)
  • But you don't speak Tamil? how come? BECAUSE I AM NOT TAMIL, I AM BENGALI, there are 28 states in India ... did you ever go to a school and pass your geography?
  • You mean you actually eat things in India. other than idlis and dosas?? You bet!
  • But you're "Modern"! - I apologise and rest my case ...


Suresh said...

Well, i had a college mate whn iwas doing my MAB and when i introduced myself to him, he asked me where i was from? I said AP, and he goes so u speak Tamil right? I go no I speak Telugu, and then he goes "whatever, one of the jalebi languages right?"

My point is, when you can get such hair brain comments from and MBA student from our own country, why blame those guys?

Kaiserin Sisi said...

I know how it feels.

I have a long list of things that pisses me off too and yes, there are times when I can't stand it any longer and I'll "erupt"!!!