Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I am so glad i have such few regrets in my life for all the fuck ups!! I sleep a contended person. Thanks! for whoever is watching over me..Please continue the good work, i just feel sometimes we forget to remember when we are having a peaceful life and write only when we are in the pits. Wanted to change that. Truly, there is very little more i want in life. That's status quo, boring but that's how it is and I am happy with what i've got and i KNOW it can get bad, maybe that's why I am YET!
I am happy i have enough to share and to do things i want to do
I am happy for a lovable child, a wonderful husband, a strong family and friends who I do miss and have things to share with and know they are truly with me in thick and thin
I am happy that I can make small differences in lives and things and manage to achieve some part of it
I am happy I am at peace no matter how hard people might find it to relate!
I am happy cooking
I am happy I have time to do things i really want to do
I love the fact that my work is fulfilling and does not feel like work
I am happy I get to travel so much
I love my home
I have a great maid
I am happy I am passionate and that drives me to achieve more than what I think I am capable of sometimes, however small they might seem to some, but it gives me kicks
I am happy I have a moment to stop and appreciate the small things in life
I am happy I am growing as a person in many spheres
And I am most happy that there are so many things I don't know and I am so glad I get the opportunity to it physical, mental, emotional ....
Thank You ~

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