Sunday, June 29, 2008

For those "first time Satya Narayan Puja

I hunted for the "Samagri *" lists and the Shinni Recipes ( Sinni, Shinny, Sinny) lists online and was really surprised not to find any! And I am sure there are many aspirants like me searching the net for those. So iI decided to put it down here just in case anyone wants or needs it.

Satya Narayan Puja Samagri List

  • Sindoor
  • 6 Paan Leaves
  • Supari 5 Pcs
  • Elaichi / Hortuki
  • Mango Leaf 5 headed
  • Kalash
  • Whole Coconut / Banana
  • Red Cloth, 1 small and 1 large piece
  • Flowers
  • 25 Tulsi leaves / Indian Basil
  • Whole rice with shell / Dhaan
  • Raisin Incense to put in fire
  • Ghee / Clarified Butter
  • Honey
  • Ganga Jal
  • Yogurt / Curd
  • Milk
  • Incense
  • Tri headed grass / Dhubbo
  • Raisins
  • Camphour
  • Black Sesame
  • Sugar
  • Puja Vessels
  • Mustard Oil
  • Lamp wicks
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Par Boiled Rice
  • 5 kinds of whole veggies
  • 5 kinds of fruit
  • Raw grated coconut
  • Whole turmeric
  • Sweets
  • Poitey / Janeu String
  • 5 kinds of gulal
  • Stool / Chowki
  • Container to light fire / baking tray with sand bottom
  • Chandan wood piece
  • Wood to burn
  • 500 grams Atta ( Wheat Flour )
  • Dry Fruits
  • 11 Bananas

Shinni ( Sinni, Shinny, Sinny) Recipe

This is usually made in Bengali SatyaNarayan Pujas. The only diffrence between how bengalis do Satyanarayn and the others do it is just this "Shinni" as the main prasad, otherwise everything else is exactly the same.The proportion is important to maintain. I Had a small gathering and hence I made the 5 banana quantity which is the minimum you make.

Ingredients -
  • 300 gms Atta / Wheat Flour
  • 300 gms Sugar / Jaggery
  • 300 ml Milk
  • Cut dry fruits to taste
  • Grated coconut to taste
  • A little cardamom seeds
  • 5 ripe bananas
Method -
  1. Start by mashing the bananas and sugar into a smooth paste with your hands in a puja vessel.
  2. Add Milk & Add Atta and consistency should be that of a cake batter
  3. Pour the remaining and mix well


Anonymous said...

This is something very important and accurate! Thanks for writing a topic like this one.

Aadt said...

Thanks for this great post. I ran from pillars to post (on the web) to find this info. Did you narrate the 'katha' in Bengali? Where did you find the script? Could you post it as well?

Viperjazz said...

thanks, i thought someone would find it useful. Sorry about the katha though, i had a pandit who came in, cant help you there.

sue said...

Thanks a Million!!!!!

mamta said...

Thanks as you rightly mentioned the receipe does not figure in google :) and since I am married to a Bengali I was trying to figure out how to make this for the pooja. Once again thanks! if poosible do post the moongdalrice prasad that is prepared for Durga pooja.

Poushali said...

Thank you very much for posting details of the Satyanarayan puja.I am trying to do the puja at my new house in the US & your accurate information helped a lot.

Antara said...

thank you so much for the shinni recipe

Srijata said...

thank you so much for posting the list and esp. the shinni recipe is very useful to us; we would be doing the puja for the first time in US.

sagarika Dev Mitra said...

Thanks for the post.. I am planning to have puja on coming Saturday.. many thanks once again :) Cheers!!

sagarika Dev Mitra said...

Many thanks for the details... I am planning to have a puja on coming Saturday... many thanks once again :) cheers!!

anindita said...

thanks for the recipe of shinni

Tista (Ghosh) Das said...

Thank u so much for the recipe. I am doing Satyanarayan puja at my home @NJ and this is really goign to help me.

Tista (Ghosh) Das said...

Thanks for the Shinni recipe.

aroundtheworld said...

Thank You!! This really helps. Do you know anything about how many people I should invite for the puja? Is it ok to have just 4 people as guests other than the family members?

l@bs said...

thanks dear.. it's such a great help.. :)

Rupashree said...

For todays gen kids who leave their parents at an early age to study abroad, posts like these turn out to be very helpful..Finally I can make some shinni and have a little satya narayan puja...

Unknown said...

thank you papiya there is a measure of panch chatak 5 fistfuls sugar, atta ,6 bananas, condiments .nandini