Sunday, June 29, 2008

What can one say !?

It's becoming a little tiring to write about one's troubles. Ever since the year started it has been constant, before one finishes the other starts. At the end of the day you're so stretched and exhausted fire fighting that one really has to look for excuses to feel a little happy. It is now becoming such a state that we are "scared" to be relaxed as we do not know what else is in store around the bend!
It is ridiculous! the way things are going.
Had been thinking of a Satya Narayan at home for a while, we did one on last Thursday. can not say I am an avid fan of rituals but as someone who can not fathom the turn of the past events, I am inclined to believe in anything that is a positive force.
Narayan, the "Preserver", please help us maintain our mental sanctity.

A good thing that worked was , the Kashmir trip got called off because of the passport problem. Its sad but I am relieved now because there is a total shut down in Srinagar for the exact days that we were to be there! The city has been under a lot of tension and we keep hearing about so many stranded tourists. Ajaz's team, was so understanding when we cancelled, it was really nice of them, i hope things look up for them soon, it must be tough to maintain a business there!
Anyways so much for now.

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