Wednesday, July 09, 2008

No title that i can think of

Been somewhat busy today, desperately finding "nice" things to do. Read up a lot on the adoption homes, wrote to few and generally put together documents. I am so looking forward to it.
Amongst all the crap, this is one positive thing and I will channel my energy to that.

Saw horrendous photos of the floods near my IL's place, I hope things sort out soon. Dr. Advani cleared up a lot of air and gave some practical suggestions I hope Daddy feels better about that. It's so strange that now a days my brain is so deadened with all that is going on I find myself at a total loss for processing any outside information. Saurabh called today and I don't even remember what he said!!

Bhabi came today, its nice she drops in regularly, she is going to India, i figure she doesn't like it here and I don't blame her, we know exactly how she feels!

Bobpsy is feeling bad today, I can see that, the lawyers aren't doing anything, tomorrow he will go himself, we don't expect anything much and neither is he looking forward to it, there is nothing to look forward to about the situation! Stuff stinks here..crap!

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