Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Geeta Pe Haath Rakh Kar...

B and i got talking today about religion and then were talking about how Hinduism is basically  a philosophy and not a  religion per say. We got talking about the holy book and realised that we have none! The Bhagvad Geeta isnt really a  holy book for Hinduism, at best it is codes and verses talking about philosophy and takes.
I was wondering after that why do we use the "Geeta" in a  court of law and swear to say the truth based on it?? Technically it makes no sense at all.
It all boils down to the Brit hang over still, we follow a  judicial system based on theirs and since they use the Bible we use the Geeta. It does'nt make sense but we still do..why?? one wonders.
Keeping my hand on the Geeta and lying or telling the truth bears no significance to a  Hindu or anyone esle as it is not the significator in our case in India anyways.
Such inanity. So many years after independence and we still tow the line.. or do we??

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Raj said...

must be in the air... thats the exact same discussion ive had wih different people over the past three weekends now...