Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pashu's Birthday

Had a nice little sit in party at home for Pashu's birthday. NOt that it remained much of a surprise but it was nice all the same. I went on a marathon cooking session after watching "Ratatouille" :). I LOVE to cook and love it when there are people to enjoy it. Made the Tabak Maaz which seemed to have hit the right note with the non veggies and the Daal, the veggies seemed to like, in any case for once i got the icing on the cake right!

Shiva & Puneet landed up from RAK in the morning, that was really sweet! Shiva made a Paneer dish and we shared the usual MIL bitch gossip, i am realising that these issues are actually universal!

Khalil was as usual the center of attention with the ladies and her tales. Cathye and I meanwhile shared a smoky outside and mingled with boys with the shishas.
Over all i think B felt special & most people had their own comfortable groups & everyone mixed and made an effort. Oh! I forgot, the weather was super!!!!! Lovely cool breeze, almost felt like the rains were about to start :)
Happy Birthday! Bobpsy..once again.

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