Thursday, December 06, 2007

Back on track

:) just 2 posts ago i was talking about being in a limbo and from then on life again seems to have taken a quick turn right into frenzied activity! I think it is relevant how one feels in the head themselves, the minute you feel like you ARE going to do something about your situation , aid comes from strange quarters.
It is so true that unless YOU want to do something, nothing can happen. I am glad things are moving again, and how! could not ask for more.
Sometimes i realise i have such a great family, a good hubby, loving pets, great work and appreciative clients. I am happy about how i look and feel, i feel confident about my work and i have happiness in my home and with friends who feel good when i am happy. I really should not crib. I have seen much worse and have in worse times really dipped to the bottom of the barrel.
Thank you..whoever is up there..for making me realise that i really DO have a decent and more than blessed life :)

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