Friday, February 01, 2008

The Year Start

Well! 2007 zoomed away or so i can say. Started off slow with me recovering and what seemed to have seemed like a slow year picked up from September.

The previous months had been hard with my side of the chipping having stopped. I realised i should just get back to work and let things happen as they happen. I had had enough of brooding, enough of sympathisers and just needed to move on. Move on I did ! Work came in from all quarters. That was a blessing. The money scene sorted out and the pressure was off. It is surprising how financial pressures can change you as a person. Gone are the days when people said the "best things in life are free". I firmly believe, "If you have cash in the safe, it makes life a hell of a lot better" !. 2007 was landmark in the sense i blew all my personal records in project earnings, hope it keeps steady any ways :). B bought me diamonds and i bought myself some more, in all seriousness, I now have nice diamonds be proud of ! Not to mention the Air India fiasco where a lot of my favourite jewellery got stolen!

We travelled a lot in November & December. Throughout India ( Khajuraho & Orchha) & Europe ( Denmark, Holland, Spain & France) . I enjoyed Spain and got back with an old friend. Life is too short to hold grudges. I have decided against travelling in Europe in the winters though, it is pure sadism! Wrote a lot in travel blogs and one came out in Chauhan' magazine. Pretty decent actually.

January on the other hand has been topsy turvy! My best client went in to a "non payment mode" ! Sure got me by surprise. This month end it has sorted out somewhat. We got the upsetting news that B's dad is seriously unwell, all of it we still do not know. What we know is not good. Makes you wonder about parents, and them being alone, both of us do not like the idea, but we also do not know what else to do !?

Shiva has started working alongside on projects, Things are coming in, so that is positive.
These have been the highlights so far.
Cheers...and here is to hope for better.

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