Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tired...Very tired !

Don't know why i have been feeling tired. Almost everyday goes by , getting up, working and then sleeping. All of a sudden and the day is over before you know it. Work is dragging to a close slowly, thank goodness !
I am getting a little tired of this project now :(. cath's work is almost done from my end so hopefully it will wrap up fast. The new dining table is looking nice and picked up a new office chair for myself.
This week i also went for what is officially in my books the worst concert ever! The Dubai Desert Rock! 250 dhs down the drain and a crick in my neck for a concert that was neither in the desert and nor rock but pure noise! Poor souls here trying to make the best of worse, for the lack of knowing any better!
The weekend is going to be busy as well, with Rohit coming down from states! So no sleep quota making up for me! A little annoying actually though it will be nice to see them again after so long...or may be not!
For now life sucks..nothing in particular wrong, but just dead boring...

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