Thursday, September 22, 2005

About Me

Its rather tough writing about oneself !What can i say?, was born in 1976 [ this is so i don't have to keep updating my years! ].Grew up in the city of New Delhi, India. Studied in this sausage factory called Delhi Public School, which boasts of a Guiness record of having the highest number of students!, Apart from elbowing for space in the classroom, it was a nice school. We did a lot of everything other than studying, which of course was a passing thing .
Between managing an identity crisis in school and family that was really supportive of a total nut case as myself, i decided to study Design.Went to National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.After 5 years of institutional beauracracy, i finally managed to land a job in Delhi.
By the time i was suffering a corporate burnout in my job, i met my to be husband and landed up in America.Thanks to him i have seen a lot of places which i don't think in my usual state of Inertia i might have otherwise aspired to!backpacking through US, Europe and now the middle east, this is where i am currently.
I work as a design consultant and and my portfolio is online and off i like to write, socialise, get positively depressed and so on.Well enough i suppose?


Sphinx said...


I am a student in India and I really like your blog. I hope you don't mind me linking this blog.



ViperJazz said...

go ahead, will come around and read your stuff too.. good luck .

Anuj Talukder said...

hi. got your comment on my blog. Hanoi is an interesting place though a bit far for a weekend (at least 9 hours of air travel).

NID lists among the places i've travels... a few inebbriated visits in the mid-90's.

Anuj Talukder said...

typo: travelled