Sunday, September 18, 2005

Copenhagen, Denmark

Here are some photos

Okay, so Denmark is as beautiful as most promised, at the same time I feel I would like Europe much better if I was here during the summers! For the love of god, I can't understand what streak of sadistic pleasure one gets out of choosing to live in a country with such disgusting weather! Its wet, cold and the combination of Nordic winds isn't exactly the most comfortable to survive.

The architecture, and im not talking monuments and castles only, but in general everything, is simply elegant and grand at the same time, even the apartments, the newer high rises etc, have been blended in really smoothly..As if most took the pain to make it that way. You see good design and good living in most things…starting from your garbage disposal to paying for plastic shopping bags at the checkout counters. People seem "educated" in the correct sense.

After Houston, its so nice to be able to walk, train and bus it to most places!!, but "Houston, we have a problem!"its irritating how there is no signage or instructions in English or what so ever, Iam told that I should be glad to be in Denmark, where everyone is polite enough to respond in English if asked because in Germany and France they couldn't care less if you can not speak theircommon languages.

It's a relief to not see "Wal-Mart's", rather you have small shops around the corners, for wine, bakeries, grocery stores. Indians surely have conquered the world...even in this crazy little town of Copenhagen, there are "Indian Stores" , " Anarkali Restaurant", and "Himalayan Snow Fairness Cream Counters", it is at the same time amusing to see from the things in these shops how people when they came here got kind of stuck in time. This is just a generalization it seems curious how the Indians here do not like to associate with their motherland but are really busy trying to portray otherwise. A really stupid and annoying attitude. Dansk people are basically friendly so far and fairly helpful.

It will take a while to get used tohaving beer by the litre!, it is impolite not to offer a beer here. Dansk food doesn't have much appeal for me...because there is only so much of "Open sandwiches" you can have!

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