Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ethereal Nepal, a travelogue site

Main website covering a Nepal .A travelogue for a trip by Papia & Pashu.
Click here
In a website format cvering the the cities of Pokhara ,Kathmandu & surrounding cities [ Patan & Bhaktapur - main world heritage sites according to UNESCO], not to metion a flight to the highest mountain peak in the world... MT. Everest at 8848 mts !


Nisha Rai said...

Lovely..thanks for sharing the experience..

Nitin Kohli said...

This is awsome stuff...seems u guys had a nice time! Hows
everything else goin on there..
For me i am still in Houston serving the death care
industry..went to florida last was good at least
far away from houston's concrete jungle!
I might come to india in Nov will see if we can meet again...

Rest is fine...hows pashu sir doing...any new thing coming up!

Take care!


Neeta Singh said...

This was great!!!! Tks for sharing. The piccys are lovely and the write up was so full of great information!
Well done

Mel Carruthers said...

Papia. Chris is in the middle of planning an Everest expedition so he'll be really interested to share someone else's experiences of this beautiful country. Looks like you had an amazing time!


Deepa said...

Very Impressive....would love to go there! Deepa

Manish said...

Thanks for sending the blog. I have saved the addresses so that I can always refer back to it whenever I plan to go to Nepal

Manish Choudhary

Soumya Dutta said...

excellent.... chandra was all parises for the web site design as well.... what talent indeed! indeed I suppose you ar having a good time indeed at saudis... hope it continues. best wishes for that. will call up soon. which day in oct is pashu coming over? keep in touch!


Harsh Kamani said...

Hey, great blog. Need to teach us how to do the same for out US trip.Keep it up

PP Sah said...

Dear Papia,

I could visit the site easily. It is quite spectacular. How did you manage
to write so much and put so much stuff together in such a short time?
Because you stayed up working all night? Not done, not done.

Your website construction skills are really phenomenal. You should be
making piles of money using them.
I still have to read a lot of stuff. Will revisit the site again at leisure.




Love your photos, very interesting thank you. Happy to see people in this world injoying this life. If you have time please to view my blog, INFOPRENEUNINFUSE, and let me know if I make any sense. Thank you again. Loren