Tuesday, December 18, 2007

13th-17th - Copenhagen - a small sum up

Its been a few days since i last wrote. That is because i have been out a lot and then have been too tired to sit down and write!

There is one thing i realised, its one thing to sit in and get out of the inertia to be out on winter day here, but once you do manage to jump that and get out, you really wonder what all the fuss was about?! I have to admit that the weather is one thing that has always confused me about this place as to why anyone would want to live in a place like this and on the other hand the weather is what makes the people here what they really are, tough, resistant and hard working. There really isnt any choice to do otherwise.

On Wednesday i pretty much stayed in and found out about Lyon and Amsterdam and doing some research about traveling there, so that took up most of my morning. In the evening we met Casper ( Pashu's colleague at work ) at Nørreport ( central shopping area ) and went for dinner. The place he had picked was closed so we strolled through Strøget ( busy market area ) and looked for a nice place.

Because it was Christmas time, things were really busy so we entered this chic place and waited for a table. It was fusion food but the Martini i ordered was really strange, so strange that we walked to a different pub later for drinks which was much better.

Casper is a fun, young & bright chap to chat with. He also had come to Dubai, just as we had moved to the Al Badaa place in Dubai so was part of the house warming celebrations. Casper blended really well as he has varied interests and is generaly fun to be with. The evening passed in general velaapandi ( pointless but nice... a colloquial Delhi term ).

The next day we were going to meet Jacob and Diana ( Pashu's colleague and his partner ) for dinner. They came down to the hotel and i made Jacob promise to bring me a water heating kettle ( so i could make tea in the room ). We went down to one of Copenhagen' tougher areas ( drugs, booze, women and etc etc ) Diana was to join us later.

I just got a shock, i logged into facebook and got to know that one of the most lively junior' from college died yesterday morning in a freak car accident. I am absolutely dumbstruck, he was 27 years old with a year old baby.

Some times life is so erratic!..dont feel like writing now..will continue later...

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