Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Christmas Party 14th dec 07 - Copenhagen

After shopping the whole afternoon in Stroget i struggled with bags and came back to the hotel and bathe and change for the Christmas dinner. Bobpsy came back shortly and we both got ready and ordered a taxi.

The taxi had no signs of arriving being weekend and it being busy, so we decided to walk out on the street and look for one. As we walked i realised my little purse was open, so closed it and funnily enough saw the guy in front of me chuck what looked like MY glove. Only later did realise that it was a pick pocket. My gloves were gone, so was my ticket pass for the train and my hotel card key! but thankfully there was no cash or my credit cards. This is the first time anything like this has happened to me anywhere.

We got taxi soon enough and listened to our Punjabi driver jabbering away in amusement!. The restaurant was in Nordhavn ( where we lived in when we first arrived in Denmark 3 yrs ago ). It was right in front of the water and looked pretty fancy. We later learnt that it was designed by
Jørgen Utzon of THE Sydney Opera House fame and was called Paustian (website). The food was..interesting with dried cucumber for appetizers, but what i remembered the most the next morning was the fantastic wines!! they served almost 6 kind, and all were good and i had all of it, so you can imagine the rest!

Our Table with Karen, Peter, Bodil and Johanes

There was this dish that was served for Dessert that looked right out of the sci fi books. It looked like frozen ammonia! but it was icy and sweet and when you ate it, it gave out lots of smoke!!

Me surprised and Karen laughing as i tried the dessert

Finally we wrapped up and some colleagues decided to head to a bar afterwards downtown. I was pretty drunk already but went along, to "The Dubliners", i had seen it while shopping but this was the first time we went inside it. I stuck to water while others had some. Klaus got pretty plastered and when i confessed that i found him a stone face, he took it upon himself to prove otherwise. After endless banter i now stand corrected.. Klaus please to note if you read this!

Fredrik & Anna at Dubliners

Klaus plastered!

Proof of plastering :)

Anyways we were pretty tired and left in a bit and walked back to the hotel, i looked in vain for the glove i had seen being chucked earlier but could not find it. We wanted to rest as we were heading to Sweden to meet Pandey & family over the weekend.

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