Thursday, December 20, 2007

19th-20th December - Copenhagen

Well, I have been back in Copenhagen this week and mostly in the hotel in the day time and out with Bobpsy in the evening. Did all my research and updated all the writing so i have material to finish write ups later.

A typical DSB Train

Copenhagen Central Station

Inside a R - DSB train

Interiors of the S Train ( one we usually use daily)

Yesterday i took the S train to Lyngby, where B's office is. Walked past Cafe' Annie's ( a coffee shop i visited frequently during my summer stay, a year ago). Reached at 4 AFTER i messed up by missing the E train at Copenhagen, while i was looking at the wrong platform! Sometimes i amaze myself with my own stupidity! I got so excited when i realised that one could smoke on the platform that i quickly walked up to the TT and confirmed it was okay, meanwhile the train came and went, so i had to wait another whole 9 mnts!!. As i said, i love the rides on the Dane trains :).
The occasion was that, Henrik had invited us for dinner and we were to leave together from office.

Henrik has a lovely home, very few homes actually make me jealous, this is one of them!. I had seen their baby when he was a new born, but Simon is a shy 2 yr old and very tall. We chatted and had a typical Danish christmas dinner with them, Potatoes caramelised, pork and vegies with schnappes. We came back by 9, as dinners are usually early this side of the world.

Today has been spent mostly in packing and writing, as you can see, the last 3 posts were written today!!We will leave the main 2 large suitcases back at the hotel here and pick it up on 29th just before we head back for Dubai. We are looking forward to the Europe tour that starts day after with Amsterdam, then Madrid followed by Lyon ! Yeayy..i am already excited ! So we are all packed for now and the hotel room looks neat. Time to write my review on tripadvisor then ! will do so tomorrow.

Had a burger for lunch. I walked down to the station and got it from the Mc Donalds counter. I love the spicy chicken sandwich and the cheapo vanilla cone :)..some pleasures in life are so cheap!..Thank god for that!

We had dinner at Nam Thip again, but they had run out of red curry and i had green instead. As usual it was good and i stuffed myself! then we walked back to the hotel restaurant for coffee and dessert. B had cappuchino and i had a tea with an original Tiramisu, soaked in booze :). I tried to take off my sweater and as always my head got stuck and B had a laugh ( something he always does when im stuck in doing something silly ! ) pretty embarrassing & infuriating. We cam back to the room and he is working for a presentation tommorrow and i am, as you can say blogging !

I am a little sleepy now so will go to bed, its 1:40 AM here
Gnite, Shalom

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