Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Still in Copenhagen...
Yesterday i did not finish so here i am...

Well anyways, we went for dinner with Jacob and Diana on Thursday and some of Diana' colleagues also came along. We went to this interesting restaurant in Vesterbro which had Asian fusion food. Amongst talk of their India trip and general camaraderie the evening passed pleasantly.

Happy & Drunk..me..Aeloa baeola..3 cheers

The gang at the restaurant

Pashu & Jacob

While walking back i noticed little medical waste dustbins on the side of the road. Diana works in the health care department and explained that these were to dispose of syringes hygienically! The area is full of druggies and apparently the govt of Denmark although fines it as illegal, also accepts that this situation exists and believes in doing things this way rather than take risks of infected needles and such! Pretty strange huh? where else will you see stuff like this?

Drinks Menu, mine is right at the top

I had an interesting drink called Aoela Baeola..which was crushed apples, peppers and vodka...loved it..will remember to have it again.

Stroget, main shopping street

The next day i decided to go shopping in Stroget. went out at 11 and came back at 4..so you can imagine what i did! Bought jackets, clothes, shoes and raided the George Jensen Store.

George Jensen is a famous designer store for many years and every home in Scandinavia will have at least one product from this store. More info at www.georgejensen.com. It is horridly expensive but i love it :). Bought gifts here as well for friends back home. I also asked the store manager if my clock that i had bought a year so could be fixed as it wasn't working right and they asked me to simply bring it to them. I did the next week and voila! they just gave me a totally new one..no fuss.. no questions..brilliant..i like them even more and i think they were amused with the look of complete surprise on my face. That's what it is, these people are no nonsense and perfectly professional..another feather to their cap!.

The HM store here was really nice they had a totally different range of products than what they have in Dubai. The same evening, was the Christmas party at a real fancy restaurant, that was quite another thing, which i will write about in the next post. Right now i have to have a bath and get going to the central station as Henrik has invited us for dinner. Mind you at 4:00 PM, yip..that's dinner time here! God save these souls!
cheers!.. and so long..

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