Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Birthday Evening

Decided to dress Scandinavian today! except for skin that is brown !!! it was not that hard to do at all :), i wore my new clothes that i had picked up at Terranova in Dubai and waited till Pashu came back.

It was later than usual as he had got stuck at work. We looked for a Thai place close to the hotel that we could go to. Came up with this one called "Nam Thib" so we went out in the cold evening. Actually i think i used to feel much colder when i was here last because i was not dressing right. This time i am better prepared and handling it a lot better.

Nam Thib actually turned out to be a place we had eaten in before as well. We used to visit Vesterport ( Central Area / Downtown of Copenhagen ) as some Indian grocery shops used to be around here. On one such occasion we had stopped by at Nam Thib. It is a small little place and unless you go inside and actually get a table you keep wondering how on earth so many people could fit in!! It is a little like the Harry Potter room of requirements. Just a little more seems enough to fit in what is required! :). Anyways we got seated with some house wine and we waited for the order to be taken.

It took an eternity as only one lady was serving all tables! Pashu got so annoyed that he wanted to leave and just as we were about to, she came :) ! Just like that :). I noticed then that we were the only grumbly characters, all other Danes were patiently waiting their orders. This made me calm down and smile, what the heck.. no one is in tearing hurry and maybe living in the fast pace of a city like Dubai, we forget the smaller things and to appreciate it. We started relaxing and decided to enjoy ourselves. I was in tears when i was describing to pashu how i felt like such an idiot as i was trying to smoke outside the restaurant at breakfast time!. I had a tea cup in one hand and a smoke in the other and both were shaking so laterally in the cold that the Lady standing in track pants a mink coat & sunglasses on a cloudy day trying to smoke as well ( most likely a hotel guest like me ) seemed less ridiculous than me !! she smiled and i felt so daft! I gave up. This was one Copenhagen going for a cigarette is such a bloody ordeal

  1. You can not smoke inside unless you want to burn the house down ( its all wood mostly ), so you go have to go out in the torturous weather
  2. To go out you have to dress in a million layers and feel like an astronaut by the time you get out
  3. Then you realise you forgot your gloves @#$%^&*& !!!! You kick yourself.
  4. You go back but you're so large because of your coat that you cannot fit in the doorway anymore.
  5. You take off your coat, which is an exercise in patience with the number of buttons and zips involved. (Apart from making coat wearing an event i don't know why they put so many in the first place!)
  6. You get your gloves you put on your coat and go back out
  7. Have you ever tried lighting a smoke with gloves on? Better still try getting a smoke out of the pack with gloves is a challenge in dexterity and i am severely challenged on that account to say the least!! In simpler words... IT IS IMPOSSIBLE.
  8. By the time you have done it - to manage to light the cigarette , you realise your lungs have lost all of its breathing capacity, as it is so freaking cold, making the whole act pretty futile!
  9. But what are we? stupid ! ? what do we do?..try to smoke anyways.
I'm sure you see the humour in it!
Meanwhile B secretly produced a grey box which reminded me of my first bday present of designer earrings that B bought me from Megasin. He is a sweet heart! He remembered in the Air India fiasco when my jewellery got stolen, those ear rings were part of it , so he got me a nice aquamarine set. Its beautiful. So now i know why he got late in coming back.

We had a great dinner, the food was great , i had red curry and B had chicken in oyster sauce. The ladies on the next table offered us their remaining wine, but i was so taken aback with the ordinariness of it that i refused politely. Then i realised i had been stupid and wanted to ask back for it and B did not let me !!
Strangely the lady who was serving remembered us from our last visit, which was surprising as it had been nearly 3 years ago! We paid up and left, went to the room, i drank some wine, we downloaded photos and we went to sleep.

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