Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dinner at golden bamboo - Copenhagen

Bobpsy came back at around 6 in the evening. He was surprised i was so happy and uppitty..he didn't know i had helped myself to half a bottle of red wine apart from having done nothing even vaguely useful the whole day!.

I had Finally had a bath which stretched out to be quite an exercise as it took me 1 1/2 hrs/ Half an hr for the management to come and fix the bath as it wasn't filling up, 20 mnts to wash some clothes as we ran out of space and couldn't pack enough! 20 minutes to convince myself that i really needed one! and then i was done ...voila!

Dressed up and after a few glasses of wine we walked around in search of a restaurant. We saw a shwarama place close to the hotel, which we will check out another time, and settled in this Chinese restaurant called "golden bamboo" which looked pretty fancy. On going inside and checking out the menu and prices we realised that the fanciness came at a price!! Anyways the ambiance was nice and the waiter really pleasant. He even took a picture of ours to finish of the touristy bit. I guess he realised no one was silly enough to roam the streets and sit in such an exorbitant place on a Monday evening, other than dumb tourists!

We ate noodles and chicken and rice. The food was nice enough. We also caught up on talking to each other..something we do quite eloquently when we are both down wine and eating in fancy places on holidays! :) Times like these i realise we really are close and our bestest friends :) just kidding.

We walked back admiring the streets and came to the hotel and saw the 4 star sign..only confirming, something that always seems to puzzle me in Denmark! why? how? ridiculous... ..forget it!

The Grand Hotel from the streetOur Room

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