Monday, December 10, 2007

flying to Copenhagen 9-10 dec07

We almost packed until 3 am so hardly got any sleep when the alarm rang at 6 in the morning. Phoebe slept on the bed as she had seen the suitcases and we were feeling guilty as we hardly leave for this long a time usually. This is one thing i feel so guilty about when i travel Leaving Phoebe behind. Puddles does okay but Phoebe really gets into the dumps when I'm not around!

At the airport finally and having checked in we sat at the British pub and had breakfast. The PA announced " Announcing the delay of Emirates "ALL" Flights until 10:00 AM " it had been a pretty foggy morning as we drove to the airport so our hearts sank as plans of boarding soon dipped. luckily SAS did board on time and we left shortly after the scheduled time.
To my surprise! the flight was good and the service great, the crew was pleasant and smiled!!! unusual for SAS. But the leg room was miserable and my knees started troubling me after 3 hrs. I have to get it checked, it pains more now in one position. Couldn't sleep very well as my sinuses usually go berserk on a flight.
Landed in Copenhagen on time. Did not get to see my favourite sight of landing over a shimmering gold sea as the Kobenhavn isle comes to view, as the pilot announced that the weather was "fine" - much overcast, with drizzles at 6 degrees!!- George Carlin would say "fine" means ... "GREY" - bloody Cold & raining to top it all at 1:30 noon! grrrr fine weather i say!!
Much to my irritation, in the loo i realised i was down!! timing!! man #$%*@#$
Anyways was pleasantly surprised to find outside temperature pretty warm at 3 degrees, so we did not freeze our arses straight away as we pushed luggage into our taxi.

As we drove, i was wondering why i hated it in the winters so much when i was here before and Bobpsy promptly reminded me that i was getting mushy in the head because it was ten degrees warmer now than it is normally at this time of the year! As the taxi wove around familiar areas, we got to the hotel.It was right next to the central station and in the middle of it all with Tivoli on one side. We read online somewhere "Renovated in 1999, it has proven to be one of the most demanded hotels amongst many customers". Ha ha ha :) I don't know what system they really follow in Denmark for their star rating , bcoz its bullocks, compared to what we had stayed in before, this was luxury !! it actually had -
  1. some staff
  2. were very polite
  3. room service
  4. a restaurant
  5. ...beat that :) !!!

Actually in Scandinavia most things are minimalist and the concept of luxury is totally absent. I saw some hotel ratings on .., poor tourists, they come expecting general standards and are disappointed. My thoughts as well.

But having been to a number of starred properties and having seen the lifestyle in Copenhagen, i think the hotels are fine. Danes firmly believe in doing most things themselves, are unassuming and are minimal. The hotels are basic but with most required amenities at your disposal. Property is expensive so space is limited as well. Under these circumstances, The Grand Hotel was decent and very well located. Close to the station and with most services. We ate a dinner of pizzas and burgers at the pizza joint right next door and i promptly went to sleep at 9:00 and slept on for 13 hrs!.

I woke up refreshed and had a great breakfast in room, neatened up and sat down to write. ( something i had missed doing for ages ) with a nice smoke on the window sill and an inexpensive glass of wine by my side. This is life :)...i had just this in mind as a holiday, as Copenhageners went by their routine life from the hotel window. Tivoli rides against a grey sky and the brightly lit and decorated christmassy shop windows glowing warm and welcoming.

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