Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I can feel a writer's life! :)

Past few days i certainly have written more than i wrote the whole of last year! Something about the cold weather outside, the warm bulb and cool arm chair and a Sony VAIO..really makes you want to coop up , look out, dream and write :) doesn't it?

My thinking chair

My Writing Corner

Now i know how Hans Kristian Andersen could dream up 'Little Mermaid', you have to be in place like Copenhagen to do just that.
I was watching the world go by from my room today. I missed breakfast so walked down to a 7 - 11 store and picked up tea ( the store attendant was nice enough to assist me with a terribly complex looking vending machine, bless him!) For a change i was glad it was a huge cup, which meant that i could drink it for at least 1 hr. Bought some muffins and scones to eat from a Bakery and came back and sat on the window sill.

My fuel - muse, tea, wine, smokes & blue berry muffins!

The city from my window getting along, this evening shot is taken at 12:00 afternoon!

A sweet little Chinese lady came to clean up the room. I finished off the scones and finished some writing. We will be going for dinner to Norreport (another part of the city) with Casper.

sent me a message about opening a new branch and saying "we are closer to you"..when my bloody phone refuses to operate and they keep telling me in Dansk that my local operator Etisalat is blocking my services arse!

Today is my best friend's bday. Uzma, i really miss chatting with her. One hardly makes close friends that easily now a days... i guess its part of the middle age crisis i talked about earlier! I hope she is doing well. She is quite a benevolent character, you have to meet her to know what i am talking about. We share birthdays one day after each other's so usually we used to party on 11th eve and through to 12th night :). Those were college days.

My in laws sent me an e card. Felt bad that they forgot my birthday..what to do..sometimes life is so insensitive. Darn, i keep thinking it doesn't matter but it does..why ?

Anyways gotta run and have a bath and then leave...more later.

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