Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am officially over the hill today!

Me at a Fort

Hmmm... Today i am officially 31 yrs old...which means i have crossed into the 30s. At one point of time I used to consider that "middle ages" !! ( you see one has to be careful what one "thinks" today even ... So here i am I never liked the term "middle" It means neither here nor there!! I never found my teens annoying at all, but this mid phase is truly the most confusing to be in .

You keep wondering along the lines ...
  1. Shit! my hair is starting to Grey
  2. Should I go into this club or is it for the younger people? but wait! i am not exactly old..so where does that put me ? - in A "crisis"
  3. On a Y axis graph are you on the left or right of "old"
  4. Are you successful enough? do you still have time to be successful?
  5. I am still fit enough to wear minis but not young enough!
  6. You're not young enough to be stupid and free but not old enough to be respected and heard!
Get the drift? basically some call it "mid life crisis", i call it the "shit phase" ... :). But like some people I am the eternal optimist and like i read in the Birbal stories..shit has a lot going for it! ..so Happy Birthday! Papia... enjoy it while it lasts :).
The day started with and at 3:00 AM! - "Royal Jordanian wishes you a Happy Birthday"..remind me to unsubscribe me from their frequent flyer programme please!
Then my BIL wished me by SMS at 6 in the morning, mum called at 7:30..and you can imagine the rest! On one hand i realise, so many people love me, but how many truly know me at least to leave me alone until 11 AM on my birthday!!
more later then...

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